Organocatalysis Research Subgroup

as a part of the Supramolecular Research Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

Special Issue in Materials:
"Advances in Organocatalysts: Synthesis and Applications"
Guest editor: Dr. József Kupai & Dr. Erika Bálint

Following the completion of their PhD theses, both Sanyi and Peti have been invited to submit a short review of their work in Magyar Kémiai Folyóirat (Hungarian Journal of Chemistry). The reviews will be available later online at

Nagy, S.; Kisszékelyi, P.; Dargó, G.; Huszthy, P.; Kupai, J. Magy. Kém. Foly. 2020, 126, 152–161. (10.24100/MKF.2020.04.152)

Kisszékelyi, P.; Nagy, S.; Fehér, Z.; Huszthy, P.; Kupai, J. Magy. Kém. Foly. 2020, 126, 110–120. (10.24100/MKF.2020.03.110)

Updated: Jan 27

Today our senior PhD student, Peti successfully defended his PhD. Cordial congratulation to him. Now the group has the first finished PhD student :) May your life be filled with further success and achievments.

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