Organocatalysis Research Subgroup

as a part of the Supramolecular Research Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

Special Issue in Materials:
"Advances in Organocatalysts: Synthesis and Applications"
Guest editor: Dr. József Kupai & Dr. Erika Bálint

We kicked-off the new semester by cleaning and reorganizing the lab. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work, it could not have been done this fast without you. Now, we only have to pay attention to keep it in this state... As a payment, we've ordered some pizza

During the last few months our group members have won several scholarships. Congratulation to all of them, we're really proud of you and, please, carry on the good work!

Új Nemzeti Kiválósági Program: Nagy Sándor, Dargó Gyula, Molnár Balázs

Bolyai+: Dr. Kupai József

"Kar kiváló hallgatója" díj: Dargó Gyula, Fehér Zsuzsanna, Kozma Petra

Nemzeti Felsőoktatási Ösztöndíj: Dargó Gyula, Fehér Zsuzsanna, Kozma Petra