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 Organocatalysis Research Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

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Chem. Eng. J., 2023 


Although COVID-19 tried to stop us, we still managed to successfully organize not even one, but two online departmental PhD defenses during June. Both Sanyi and Peti passed the exam without a problem.

We are grateful to the reviewers for their work. The comments and suggestions have truly contributed to the final quality of the dissertations.

Special thanks to our supervisor, Dr. József Kupai, for all his hard work not just during the preparation of the dissertation, but also during the last 4 years. Working with you has always been a privilege.

Thank you for everyone who joined us during this special time and hope that we will also see you at the main defenses in the next semester.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Our latest article titled "Selective Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Biomass‐Derived 5‐Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5‐Diformylfuran: from Mechanistic Investigations to Catalyst Recovery" is featured on the cover of ChemSusChem (link).

The front cover, the table of contents, and some figure illustrations were created by Heno Hwang, scientific illustrator at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Furthermore, The Szekely Group, our collaborators from KAUST, is featured as the cover profile in ChemSusChem (link) this month. Check out the short interview with Prof. Gyorgy Szekely about our research project and his group.

Check out our latest open access article about electrocatalytic oxidation of HMF. Congratulation to all the co-authors, and thank you for your hard work in this project.

Selective Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Biomass‐Derived 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5‐Diformylfuran: from Mechanistic Investigations to Catalyst Recovery

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