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 Organocatalysis Research Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

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Molecules, 2021 

DOI: 10.3390/molecules26216542


A little bit late, but still we would like to congratulate Zsuzsi for her outstanding result at the faculty student conference. She worked really hard on this project and faced multiple obstacles, but her dedication came through at the end and now we can see a distinguished final product in the form of the TDK and also her diploma thesis.

Furthermore, her hard work also rewarded her with the Gedeon Richter PhD Scholarship granted by the Richter Talentum Foundation. This way, her PhD work will be supported by the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter Ltd. We're looking forward seeing your newest results in the near future!

As spring is slowly here, our mind happily jumps back to all the fun we can have outside. A part of our group thinks, that running outside is all the fun we need and to prove this here is a picture from September when Dóra and her father, Zsuzsi, and Józsi took part in a running competition in Budapest. Congratulation to the Funkciós Csoport :)

Heartfelt congratulations to Zsuzsi (MSc), Petra (MSc), Bálint (BSc) and Dang (BSc) for their outstanding performance at the final exams.

We are a little sad, because Petra, Bálint and Dang are leaving our group, but we wish you all success and happiness in your further work. Of course, we will see each other at the group parties ;)

On the other hand, we are delighted that Zsuzsi is continuing her work as a new PhD student in our group. We hope that these next few years will bring success in your carrier and also new friends and lots of fun.

Congratulation once again to everybody, and thank you for the amazing celebration dinner we spent together, where the following picture was made. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to celebrate together with us, they sure missed out on some delicious food and great jokes.

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