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Molecules, 2021 

DOI: 10.3390/molecules26216542


Following the completion of their PhD theses, both Sanyi and Peti have been invited to submit a short review of their work in Magyar Kémiai Folyóirat (Hungarian Journal of Chemistry). The reviews will be available later online at

Nagy, S.; Kisszékelyi, P.; Dargó, G.; Huszthy, P.; Kupai, J. Magy. Kém. Foly. 2020, 126, 152–161. (10.24100/MKF.2020.04.152)

Kisszékelyi, P.; Nagy, S.; Fehér, Z.; Huszthy, P.; Kupai, J. Magy. Kém. Foly. 2020, 126, 110–120. (10.24100/MKF.2020.03.110)

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Today our senior PhD student, Peti successfully defended his PhD. Cordial congratulation to him. Now the group has the first finished PhD student :) May your life be filled with further success and achievments.

Last Thursday the annual conference of the Scientific Students' Associations took place at our department. We would like to congratulate everyone who entered the competition this year. This was a special year, with unknown challenges, but we still managed to 'bring home' some nice awards. Also, special thanks to Józsi and the PhD students for their time and energy correcting the reports and improving the presentations. These results are always an important feedback for our group.

Congratulation to everyone!

Diana Daicu - 1st place (Organic Chemistry)

Gyula Dargó - 2nd place (Organic Chemistry)

Dóra Richter - 3rd place (Organic Chemistry)

Szonja Pósa - 3rd place (Biochemistry and Biotechnology)