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 Organocatalysis Research Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

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Molecules, 2021 

DOI: 10.3390/molecules26216542


Dóra, Hanna, Dóri, and Dávid presented their research at the 36th National Scientific Students' Associations Conference. This year the conference was held in the magnificent city of Szeged, where Dóri won 🥈2nd and David 🥇1st prize.

Congratulations to all for their outstanding work! We are proud of you!

Updated: Mar 10

Congratulations to Dóra (MSc), Dóri (BSc), Réka (BSc), and Dávid (BSc) for their successful MSc and BSc exams. We are happy that all of you will continue your research careers in our group. Dóra will start her PhD studies, while Dóri, Réka, and Dávid will start their Master's studies. Good luck to you all!

We are glad to welcome our newest group member, Gergő Gémes, who joins Dóra's team. We wish you success in your research and hope you will enjoy your time with us.

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